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Beijing Globalipl Development is a specialized beauty equipment manufacturer and supplier in China and there are 13 series of our extensive range of products, including E-Light IPL RF beauty machine, body slimming machine, 7H skin lifting and body slimming machine, IPL skin rejuvenation machine and CO2 laser machine, etc.

International up-to-date technologies are the cornerstone of development of our company and we introduce these technologies into the practice of beauty treatments to limited resolve problems, such as obesity, excessive wrinkle, laxity, pigmentation, scar and excessive body hair, etc. Unlike ordinary skin care and plastic surgery, the point of instrumental beauty treatment is to solve problems which can't be fixed by skin care products, but rather change the overall appearance. Therefore, our products are comprehensively welcomed by beauty salons, hospitals, clinics, salons and so on.

The managing principle of our company is service should serve the innovation and one aspect of innovation is technological creation. For example, at the end of 2005, laser eyebrow washing machine was jointly developed by presidents of Globalipl and Committee of the Chinese Optical Society. After that, as an unprecedented event in beauty industry, we applied 40 high pressure forgings to manufacture that product with high quality and efficient lamp mount. Even though the history of our company is short, we have already created a lot of innovation records.

In order to ensure product performance, stability, safety and efficacy, we focus on every detail of the product and even the application of a screw is in strict accordance with international standards. For example, all of the accessories are purchased from CE certified suppliers and processing equipment are high-performance machines and these machines are operated by skilled workers with at least 5 years' experience. Power supplies are manufactured by dust-free workshops and there is zero damage to semi-finished products before entering the warehouse. There are two processes of quality control, first before shipment. Specifically, aluminum packaging and EEP is used to package the machine to make sure everything is OK. Dust-free management is applied in warehouse. For production process, it is strictly in accordance with the drawings and every detection machine is tested by Bureau of Standard Measurement. For SOP, in order to find existing problems, record is kept every day and training of cautions of new product is accomplished every month. There is a unique SN number for each machine so the whole process from manufacturing to shipment and delivery can be traced. And in every part of the process, standards of ISO13485 and CE are rigidly applied.