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Beijing Globalipl Development Co., Ltd.
Address.: B503, Kaichi Bldg, Jinfu Rd. No. 2, Daxing Economic Development Zone, Beijing, P. R. China.
Post Code: 102600
Tel.: +86-10-60212335

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Main Products
  • US418 Laser Hair Removal MachineThere are quite a lot of features of US418 laser hair removal machine. Firstly, state-of-the-art high-power diode technology is used to provide permanent hair reduction and excellent stability. Golden standard wavelength, 808nm is adopted to absorb pigmentation in hair follicles without injury to surrounding tissue, thus removing hair permanently. There is a perfect combination of long pulse duration and sapphire contact cooling so more power can be achieved ...
  • US609H IPL E-Light RF Laser Beauty EquipmentUS609H IPL E-light RF laser beauty equipment is a classic model and four systems are combined together within this machine. This machine is equivalent to 4 machines, IPL, E light, RF and ND YAG. With powerful function, it can be used in freckle, hair removal, wrinkle, breast, redness, acne, skin collagen layer recovery, elastic skin rejuvenation and tattoo. So owning this machine means that you've got a beauty salon ...