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Beijing Globalipl Development Co., Ltd. is a highly specialized beauty equipment manufacturer and supplier in China. Our catalogue contains over 90 indexed listings, categorized under 13 series including RF equipment, ND-YAG laser machine, laser hair removal machine, body slimming machine, IPL E-light RF beauty equipment, etc. Our company is located within the Daxing Economic Development Zone, near Nanyuan Airport.

We were originally an OEM software enterprise within Zhongguancun, the Chinese equivalent of Silicon Valley. Our company's priorities have since shifted and 2001 marked the beginning of our venture into the beauty equipment industry. Initially, the range our operations were kept domestic. Working business relationships were established with many well-known beauty institutions and beauty hospitals. By the end of 2004, the number of our registered clients had approached 1,000. Confident in our products, we began trading internationally in 2005. We currently serve over 2,000 overseas clients in more than 120 countries including Europe, America, the Middle East, and Asia.

We accumulated invaluable industry experience through the OEM cooperative model. Several series of products were developed under this influence. We are certified by ISO13485, and our products are certified by CE and CSA. Our staff consists of experts in the fields of optics, machinery, electronics, and medicine. Amongst a roster of 200 or so employees, we have 9 individuals with doctoral degrees and nearly 100 bachelor or master degree graduates. Our professional research and development team can customize select PDT LED light beauty equipment, skin rejuvenation machine, and other related beauty machines based on client-side specifications. This elite ensemble consists of graduates from Ivy League Chinese universities such as Tsinghua University, Peking University, Beijing Institute of Technology, etc. We have recently initiated a joint development project with the Optical Research Laboratory of Beijing Tech in order to promote innovation and progression. Our laser machine and body slimming machine products are very well received in the United States, Germany, Japan, Spain, Italy, Israel, and Brazil.

1995 our company was established as a software OEM enterprise within Zhongguancun. We cooperated with famous brands such as Lenovo and UF, building a solid foundation for beautifying software development.
2000 we designed control system software for cosmetic laser products.
2001 we obtained the Certificate for Medical Production and started the independed development and distribution of laser products
2003 our products were well received in spas and beauty hospitals. To accommodate increasing demands, we opened 5 new offices and contracted 50 distributors
2005 the number of clients approached 1,000. We were approved by ISO13485 and began international trade.
2006 we were CE certified. Our company participated in beauty exhibitions in Italy, Russia, Dubai, Hong Kong, Brazil, and Mexico. New products including RF and PDT are developed.
2007 the CO2 fractional laser machine as well as the H7 skin lifting and body slimming machine were developed.
2008 we became CSA approved and began exporting to America.
2009 offices and production facilities were constructed within the Daxing Economic Development Zone, covering an area of approximately 5,000 square meters.
2011 a joint project was initiated with the Optical Research Laboratory. We successful developed and manufactured the US808-RF CO2 fractional laser equipment and body slimming machine

Main Products
  • US002 E-Light IPL RF Beauty MachineUS002 E-light IPL RF beauty machine is a vertical E-light beauty instrument developed independently by our company. Lift control is adopted in control system of this machine so height can be adjusted automatically for standing and sitting positions. Compared with ordinary machine, this machine has light weight so transportation is cheaper. There are also two imported coated gem guns for customers to choose ...
  • US08 Body Slimming MachineUS08 body slimming machine combines cryolipolysis and ultrasonic effect together. There are three treatment probes for this machine. To be more specific, the bigger one is for the treatment of big area, such as belly, thigh and arms. And the small probe is used for all parts of the body. The third probe's function is to dissolve rigid block fat into small particles. As well as that, freezing solidified fat cells can be melted after the treatment. There are three color touch LCD displays in this product ...