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4H system is incorporated together with IPL E-light RF laser beauty equipment, including IPL, E-light, RF and laser system. For each one, same effectiveness, output energy level and treatment result are possessed by the single system machine. This machine can be used for freckle, hair removal, wrinkle, breast enhancement, rosacea, erythema, shrink pores, acne, skin collagen layer recovery, cortical elasticity increase and skin rejuvenation, etc. IPL and RF technology are combined together to realize deep wrinkle removal, face lifting and face rapid promotion. With good effects on hair removal and de-light, there is a lot of comfort. RF radio waves can directly reach deep skin, effectively stimulate skin collagen tissue and constantly promote collagen production, thus realizing skin's natural firmness and enhancement. Collagen can immediately shrink after heated up to 45 to 60 degrees, so lifting and firming effect is obvious after one treatment. Application of ND YAG is professional elimination of all kinds of tattoo, eyebrow, lip liner, eyeliner, coffee spot, age spot, birthmark, other pigmented skin lesion and mixed pigmentation.

There are a variety of advantages of IPL E-light RF laser beauty equipment. Firstly, it is suitable to medical, cosmetic and home occasions. As well as that, any hair color and skin type can be treated by this machine. Of course, any large and small area instant treatment can be realized by various spot windows. As a painless and super hair removal method, it has long lasting effect so customer can enjoy smooth skin every single day. For detailed effect of IPL E-light RF laser beauty equipment, approximate 12.5inches to 20inches can be decreased after one treatment time without rebound or invasion effect.

IPL E-Light RF Laser Beauty Equipment
IPL E-Light RF Laser Beauty Equipment

Our company is a specialized IPL E-light RF laser beauty equipment manufacturer in China. We also supply ultrasonic cavitation slimming machine, IPL skin rejuvenation equipment and CO2 fractional laser equipment, etc.

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