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3H system, including IPL, E-light and RF are combined in IPL E-light RF beauty equipment. And this machine has the same effectiveness, output energy level and treatment result with the single system machine. As well as that, this machine can be upgraded to 4H system. E-light skin rejuvenation can effectively treat age spot, freckle, date spot, acne and telangiectasia, and improve large pore, rough skin, fine wrinkle, restore skin elasticity and promote skin metabolism and whitening.

IPL can be applied to all parts of the body to perform permanent hair removal for all skin types and hair of different thicknesses. At the same time, IPL E-light RF beauty equipment has fast and big spot, so the treatment speed is very fast. Bipolar radio frequency, usually called mesotherapy, can effectively stimulate distant tissue to promote collagen reconstruction through epidermal cooling system and heat produced by radio waves. As a result the skin's natural firmness and facial contours can be enhanced to achieve the purpose of beauty.

There are many features for IPL E-light RF beauty equipment. In the first place, due to painless and super hair removal, this machine can be used in medical, cosmetic and home occasions. With various spot windows, it is also applicable for instant treatment of large and small areas. Suitable to any hair color and skin types, this machine has long lasting smoothness, wrinkle removal and skin lifting effects. For result of this product, about 12.5inches to 20inches could be decreased after one treatment and there is no rebound or invasive effect.

IPL E-Light RF Beauty Equipment
IPL E-Light RF Beauty Equipment

We are a professional IPL E-light RF beauty equipment manufacturer in China. We provide a variety of products, including CO2 fractional laser machine, ultrasonic cavitation slimming machine, Nd-YAG laser machine and so on.

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