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Up-to-date permanent and rapid method of hair removal is adopted in laser hair removal machine. Theory of this method is selective photothermolysis. As a precise and selective removal treatment, this machine can take melanin as the target. As well as that, freezing point painless method can permanently remove lip hair, armpit hair, chest hair, back hair, arm hair, bikini line, gray hair and body hair. After the treatment, skin becomes soft. Body odor can also be reduced after treated with armpit hair removal by 4-6 times.

The wavelength of laser hair removal machine is 808nm and pulse width, energy and frequency can be adjusted accordingly. This wavelength can achieve target tissue by penetration of skin. When using this machine, appropriate pulse duration should be chosen to generate sufficient thermal injury and protect surrounding tissue. At the same time, energy density should be set at the most suitable strength to ensure safety. There are four types of laser hair removal machine, including US418, US417, US416 and US408. Among them, US418 can work continuously for 24 hours.

Applications for this machine are permanent hair removal, skin tightening and body odor treatment. There are a lot of characteristics of laser hair removal machine. In the first place, suitable to any hair and skin type and hair color, this machine can provide fast, painless, safe and permanent hair removal for customers. As well as that, comfort during the treatment is guaranteed by sapphire contact cooling. And to date, there is an unsurpassed library of clinically documented success for diode laser hair removal. Besides that, the range of pulse duration is from 10 to 1400ms. To be more specific, long adjustable pulse durations together with contact sapphire chill tip are effective to all skin types so effective and fast treatment can be achieved without any side effect. Laser can reach hair follicle depths more easily if crushing technology is used. For user, there are no consumables so the cost of ownership of laser hair removal machine is pretty low.

Laser Hair Removal Machine Laser Hair Removal Machine Laser Hair Removal Machine

As a specialized laser hair removal machine manufacturer in China, our company offers a vast range of products that includes IPL skin rejuvenation machine, Nd-YAG laser equipment and IPL E-light RF laser beauty equipment, etc.

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