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Treatment Theory
For excess fatty tissue which is a hard task for dieting or physical exercise, lipolaser is a revolutionary treatment and it is also regarded as the latest and most popular hi-tech solution for cellulite reduction. 40mw-100mw power is used in lipolaser body sculpting procedure for physical fat reduction and 635nm diode laser is applied to work on the fat cells from targeted area to break them down. To be more specific, collagen production can be stimulated in the targeted area by heat, thus smooth, tightened and sculptured result can be obtained.

As an effective treatment for fat dissolution, fibrosis and blood circulation, laser liposuction slimming equipment has no side effects. And this machine can be used in body contouring, spot fat reduction, inch loss, cellulite reduction, epidemic parotitis treatment, obstruction removal from channels and collaterals and promotion and acceleration of body metabolism. As well as that, laser liposuction slimming equipment can also improve circulation, smooth fatigue and relieve arthritic pain and minor muscle and joint pain and stiffness.

Laser Liposuction Slimming Equipment

As a China-based laser liposuction slimming equipment manufacturer, we provide a wide array of products that includes IPL skin rejuvenation machine, Nd-YAG laser machine, CO2 medical laser surgery equipment, body slimming machine and so on.

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  • US309 Ultrasonic Cavitation Slimming MachineUS309 ultrasonic cavitation slimming machine is a very popular desktop equipment and there are six combinations for customers to choose, including A, B, C, D, E and F. Ultrasound, radio frequency, complex frequency ultrasound and laser technology are all adopted in this machine. With small and delicate appearance, 5.6" color touch screen and user-friendly interface, this machine can give you excellent using experience. Normally, 3-6cm waist can be reduced by average ultrasound ...