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Japan-manufactured semiconductor laser is adopted in US306H laser slimming equipment and the maximum energy for each laser can reach 100MW. And there are 38-70 lasers for this machine. Laser can directly reach fat cells by penetrating 3-5 cm thick skin so it has instant weight loss and quick effect. There are two kinds of treatment probes, big and small, for treatment of all parts of body. There are four options of handle for customers to choose, 2 big, 2 big with 2 small, 4 big and 2 small and 8 big and 2 small. Besides that, upgraded system is reserved for our clients. Of course, treatment probes are divided into A, B and C group and operator can manipulate them independently to treat a couple of clients simultaneously. The energy can be adjusted within the range from 40mw to100mw depending on needs. With power 500W and power supply of 220V (110V)/15A and 50Hz (60Hz), this machine can be used all over the world. Equipped with excellent cooling system and 24 hour continuous working ability, US306H laser slimming equipment is the ideal choice for large and medium-sized beauty hospitals.

Detailed Specifications

Output power 500W
Wavelength 635nm
Probe No. 2-10
Laser No. 16-70
Single laser power 40mW-100mW
LCD controller 8" Color Touch LCD Display
Operation language English
Working time Continuously/time setting
Working environment temperature 12-35 ℃
Size 33X45X33CM
Net weight 9kgs
Voltage 220V/110V

There are quite a lot of features of US306H laser slimming equipment. Firstly, improved probes can prolong laser life and guarantee stable performance and achieve effective treatment. Probe can be firmly fixed by improved connector, thus power conductivity can be improved as well. This machine allows simultaneous treatment for several guests, saving a lot of time. As a result, operators' hands can be liberated and time for treatment is quite short, only 5mins is enough. And as non-injection and non-invasive treatment, there are no side-effects or change to life style. Besides that, it is an entirely new revolution for fat reduction, leisure slimming mode and guests need to take the short treatment course twice a week to obtain good effect. Specifically, as a safe, pain-free, fast method, guests can become 7-23" skinnier in 3 weeks. Apart from that, 5 dress sizes are gone in weeks with US306H laser slimming equipment.

Our company is a professional laser slimming equipment manufacturer in China. Apart from laser liposuction slimming equipment, we also offer body slimming machine, E-light IPL RF beauty machine and Nd-YAG laser machine, etc.

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