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7H Skin Lifting and Body Slimming Machine

Treatment Theory
The treatment theory of 7H skin lifting and body slimming machine is as follows. For wrinkle removal and skin lifting, monopolar, bipolar and tripolar radio frequency technology can be applied. As well as that, RF is suitable to melt the cracked lipochondrias and ultrasonic cavitation is ideal for cellulite exploding. Effect of deep cellulite removal can be realized by tripolar RF function on cellulite through vacuum because vacuum absorption effect is equal to or better than LPG.

7H skin lifting and slimming machine can be applied in many fields, including wrinkle removal around eyes and neck, skin lifting, face slimming, skin tightening, cellulite reduction, lipolysis, body slimming and shaping, fatigue relieving, massage and metabolism improvement and acceleration.

Detailed Specifications

Display screen 8.4 inch color touch LCD screen
Power supply output 1100W
RF energy 1-50 J/CM2
Ultrasonic frequency 40.5KHz
Ultrasonic power 1-50W/CM2
RF spot size Diameter 16/32mm (45mm optional)
Vacuum pressure 0~ -0.1Mpa
RF frequency 6MHz
Hand-piece number 7 handles
Shot number Not limited
Cooling system Water + wind + semiconductor + cooling gel
Skin cooling ≤0-10℃
Working time Continuously / time setting
Dimension 40x36x112cm
Net weight 29Kg
The skin temperature -5-10℃
Voltage 220V/110V

There are many features of 7H skin lifting and body slimming machine. In the first place, with intelligent system, there is a unique design and 7 hand-pieces. Besides that, there are five systems combined together within one machine, including monopolar RF, bipolar RF, tripolar RF, cavitation and vacuum systems. And this machine is suitable for treatment of any skin and any body part. For simple operation, 8.4 inch color touch screen is adopted to realize the goal. With user-friendly software, errors of operator can be dramatically reduced. Original Japanese vacuum pumps are applied in vacuum system to guarantee safe, reliable and efficient treatment in clinics. As well as that, hand-pieces socket components are all imported from USA and France to ensure high quality and stable function. There is current breaker in 7H skin lifting and body slimming machine, so in case of electricity leakage it can automatically stop all power supply immediately to protect people and machine against any risk to the greatest extent.

7H Skin Lifting and Body Slimming Machine 7H Skin Lifting and Body Slimming Machine 7H Skin Lifting and Body Slimming Machine 7H Skin Lifting and Body Slimming Machine

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