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Cryolipolysis slimming is used in body slimming machine. This method is cool and comfortable and 20% to 40% fat can be reduced for a single course. For customers, our product is designed for fat people who don't lose weight through diet or exercise or people who have beer belly, excessive waist fat and arm fat.

Without damaging other tissues, cold technology adopted in body slimming machine cools the adipose tissue to induce lipolysis reducing body fat. The most important feature of cryolipolysis treatment is that a special cooling technique targets fat bulges so fat cells are eliminated over a certain period gradually. As well as that, freezing solidified fat cells can be melted by additional multi-frequency cavitation probe, thus metabolism is promoted, treatment time is shortened and better results are achieved. As proved by clinical practice, this is a safe, highly effective and gradual natural solution for fat loss. And noticeable and long lasting results can be obtained.

How does it work?
Cells in our body react to heat or cold at different levels of temperature and understanding of these levels help us achieve body contouring through fat reduction. By pressing the device against the area to be treated, body slimming machine can become cold enough to target only fat cells. As a result, body reacts with inflammatory responses which can induce body to naturally dispose of the damaged fat cells and significant improvement in the shape of the body can be observed. And tissue is drawn into a cup with mild vacuum pressure during the process. After completion, patients can immediately return to their normal activities including work and exercise.

Body slimming machine can be used to lose stubborn fat, curve body contouring and lose local fat including abdomen, love handles and back.

Body Slimming Machine Body Slimming Machine

Globalipl is a professional body slimming machine manufacturer and supplier in China. We also provide laser liposuction slimming equipment, IPL E-light RF beauty equipment, Nd-YAG laser equipment, CO2 fractional laser machine and so on.

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