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US08 body slimming machine combines cryolipolysis and ultrasonic effect together. There are three treatment probes for this machine. To be more specific, the bigger one is for the treatment of big area, such as belly, thigh and arms. And the small probe is used for all parts of the body. The third probe's function is to dissolve rigid block fat into small particles. As well as that, freezing solidified fat cells can be melted after the treatment. There are three color touch LCD displays in this product and 11 inch color screen is installed on the body and two 3.5 inch screens are at the back of the treatment probes, making parameter adjustment convenient. Advanced cooling system is applied in this machine to make operation safer. US08 body slimming machine is a solution of gradual natural fat loss with noticeable results for many customers.

Detailed Specifications

Power supply output 1000W
Ultrasonic frequency 40.5KHZ+28.5KHZ
Ultrasonic power 1-50W/CM2
Vacuum pressure 0-1Mpa
Hand-piece number 3
Skin cooling ≤0-10℃
LCD display 3
S1: 11 inch color touch LCD display
S2: 3.5 inch color touch LCD display
S3: 3.5 inch color touch LCD display
Language English
Working time Continuously/ time setting
Cooling system Water+ wind+ Japanese semiconductor
Dimension 45*40*118cm
Weight 45kg
Cooling temperature -10℃ - -10℃
Voltage 220V/110V

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