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Photodynamic therapy is a latest technology in which the power of the light reaction is used for conservation and treatment of skin. To be more specific, light energy is turned into energy in cell to accelerate cell growth and blood circulation. As well as that, it can also stimulate fibrous tissue to produce collagen, enhance skin elasticity, repair aging cells and acne skin, dilute the spot, enhance compaction and ease the sun burns. There are three models of PDT LED light beauty equipment, including US786, US787 and US790. Among them, US790 has small size and light weight so it is very suitable for home use. At the same time, US786 and US787 are more applicable to beauty salons, clinics and hospitals, etc.

There are a variety of applications for PDT LED light beauty equipment. Firstly, it can be used for whelk, macula and folliculitis removal. Secondly, it is suitable for improvement of coarse pore, flabby skin, thin wrinkle, gray complexion and facial nerve anaesthesia. As well as that, fleck desalt, sunburn desalt and age pigment desalt can be treated. This machine is also applicable to maladjusted incretion, ovary maintained and breast lifting. Last but not least, burning, blain or pigmentation caused by high energy from IPL and laser treatment can be cured by this product.

There are a lot of advantages of US786 and US787 PDT LED light beauty equipment. In the first place, they have strong energy and density, long lifetime, steady capability and long continued working time. These two models are 100% safe and there are no hurt and side effects to the skin cell. They have simple operation and no need of professional training. As well as that, no special nurse or normal dressing for skin after treatment is needed. Fit for any skin type, bigger area irradiation and arc design of the light head are adopted. There are 720-degree eddy of the treatment head and up-down pole control to better manipulate these two models of this product. Besides that, two different lights, including red and blue, can be easily switched.

PDT LED Light Beauty Equipment

Globalipl is a specialized PDT LED light beauty equipment manufacturer in China. We provide a broad range of products, including laser hair removal machine, E-light IPL RF beauty equipment, CO2 fractional laser equipment and so on.

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