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As high-tech beauty equipment, RF equipment is safe and no wound is left after treatment. The main structure of skin is collagen and elastin. As time flies, they will reduce and lack elasticity because of effect of sun oxidation and air pollution. And the reason for that is flexibility fiber and collagen fiber gradually lose elasticity and tensility. Then sagging skin or other visible signs of aging will appear. Proprietary technology and cooling system of surface layer can deliver radiofrequency energy to deep layers of the skin and its underlying tissue. After that, heat can accelerate blood circulation, shrink fiber structure instantaneously and stimulate renewal of collagen. As a result, collagen shrinks and remodels over time and tighter skin, renewed facial contours appear.

RF equipment can be used in these fields, such as face or breast lifting, skin lifting around eyes or on neck, sagging skin improvement, forehead wrinkle removal, shape contour of back, belly, buttocks and legs and whelk and scars removal.

There are a lot of features of RF equipment. 7.4inch color touch-screen is adopted in this machine to realize simple operation. When temperature reaches 45℃-60℃, collagen will shrink instantaneously. This machine has a long renewal effect. To be more specific, half years' treatment can activate collagen. Surface layer cooling and energy control make this machine very safe to use. Treatment process is very comfortable because there is no blood, wound or lay off. With long effect, one time treatment can last about 3-5 years. This product has extensive applications and sagging skin and aging skin can be successfully treated.

As a professional RF equipment manufacturer and supplier in China, we offer monopolar RF machine, E-light IPL RF beauty machine, body slimming machine and CO2 fractional laser equipment, etc.

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