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There are two types of E-light IPL RF beauty machine, vertical type and desktop type and they are all equipped with new type treatment probe. As well as that, U.S. hydropower integration plug head is applied to ensure good contact, safety, stability and efficiency of operation. There is a color touch screen and a simple interface with 10 languages available. Besides that, there is water flow and temperature alarm function which means that this machine can automatically stop working to protect your machine and customers in dangerous state. With high quality and cheap price, E-light IPL RF beauty machine is the ideal choice for you and there are multiple models available as well.

There are many features of E-light IPL RF beauty machine. Firstly, all the modes could be upgraded with 3H system, including IPL, E-light and RF. In the second place, it has painless and super hair removal so it can be used in medical, cosmetic and even home occasions. Besides that, this product is suitable to any hair color and skin type. Last but not least, it can create long lasting smoothness so you can enjoy smooth skin every day with this product.

E-Light IPL RF Beauty Machine E-Light IPL RF Beauty Machine

As a specialized E-light IPL RF beauty machine manufacturer in China, Globalipl offers a variety of products that includes laser liposuction slimming equipment, CO2 fractional laser equipment and laser hair removal machine, etc.

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